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“Our main renovation goal was to look and plan ahead of our current stage in life. In the case of Bayview Crescent, we wanted a holiday home that also catered to the needs of our growing family. So that our Grandchildren can build memories as they grow and enjoy beach holidays. They say “That a family that plays together stays together” and we certainly had that in the forefront of our minds when we designed our alterations.

To this end we are thrilled with the works carried out. Which included an extremely high quality finish, attention to detail and many great suggestions from PKH.”

- Dunsborough Client

“The quality of Phil’s work is quite exceptional and his vision in application of leading edge materials and techniques were pivotal in giving me a home that has met and in many instances exceeded my expectations. Should I ever decide to build again Phil Kelleher would be my builder of preference.”

- Meelup Hills Client

“I would like to congratulate you on the very pleasant team of people you gathered around you on site. They were invariably happy and constructive. They feel like old friends. We feel the ideas that you gave us have improved the final outcome greatly. We will have no difficulty in recommending you to any future homebuilders. We have enjoyed the experience. Thanks.”

- Marybrook Client

“We were very impressed with the level of detail of the costing Mr. Kelleher supplied with his tender. The house came in on budget with only minor variations as requested by us and it was built within a couple of weeks of the time schedule. Mr Kelleher has an excellent team of tradesmen and the quality of finish by all the trades was of a high standard. The personal contact and good communication we experienced ensured that we were kept informed at all stages of the building programme. We have no hesitation in recommending Phil Kelleher as an outstanding homebuilder.”

- Yallingup Client

“During construction time Phil came up with many imaginative and practical ideas and the lines of communication between us were always open. The end result is a beautiful house with a high quality finish and I would have no hesitation in recommending Phil Kelleher Homes to anyone considering building.”

- Dunsborough Client

“No gift could adequately express our thanks for the processes that you have so superbly directed to build our fabulous new house in Yallingup. From the initial meeting with Phil, through to the planning and building phases, we have had total confidence in your abilities to deliver what we wanted and what you said you would. It's not everyone that can look back on a building experience and say that it was basically stress-free and that the outcome has been as they'd hoped, especially when they're not in close proximity to the build. But we can, and we're very grateful to you for that. We are thrilled with the way the house has turned out and happy that the time and effort spent investigating ways to minimise impact on the surrounding bush and the use of environmentally friendly materials, where possible, has paid off. We particularly appreciate the time and effort you invested in guiding us through decisions on materials and overcoming potential issues which we had not foreseen. All this was done with so little fuss and so much good humour, even though we know that it must have been a frustration for you at times. Thanks must also go to Maree for her terrific accounting skills and detailed spreadsheets. It was so helpful having forecasts of upcoming expenditure and detailed charts of timetables to keep us on track and on top of things. We feel we must also acknowledge the terrific work of all the tradespeople who, without exception, have not only been outstanding in their quality of workmanship but also really lovely and obliging guys, very happy to accommodate our whims. The confidence we had in you largely stemmed from the fact that your tradespeople were approachable, professional and friendly. We hope that you have enjoyed the process as much as we have and are happy that we have been able to recommend you to others, who we know will share our level of confidence in you. We will continue to recommend you to others without hesitation. Thank you for all you have done to help us realise our dream build.”

- Yallingup Client

Having worked with Phil and the team at Phil Kelleher Homes for over five years I know they are reliable and trustworthy, I have always had complete faith in Phil’s vision, ideas and judgement for my property and I know the property wouldn’t be what it is today without that input and hard work. I am happy with the Cost Plus process that Phil uses despite being doubtful in the beginning I have found that this process did work well with my project. Phil has always been a very honest person to work with and I will continue to work with him over the years.

- Eagle Bay Client

As we have now enjoyed several years in our home extension, I thought it appropriate to drop you a line to confirm how pleased we are with the project. We have experienced no maintenance issues at all. Our life style has benefitted greatly from the project.

Looking back at the project, I remain pleased that you suggested that we do it on a Cost Plus basis. At first I had some trepidation to do so on the basis that it seemed as though it might be an “open cheque book”. As it turned out, Cost Plus was a very cost effective mechanism. What I learnt is that a Fixed Price on a relatively small project is not ideal because understandably, the builder must incorporate a health risk contingency margin for unforeseeable matters arising. And on a small project, that contingency can represent a significant component of the quotation.

On the other hand, by doing Cost Plus on an “open book” basis we had the opportunity to discuss matters on a day to day basis and make cost effective decisions as matters arose. We also had access to your sub-contractor quotes and you included copies in your monthly invoices. Needless to say, Cost Plus ONLY works with an honest, open and communicative builder. Pleasingly, in your case, we found that to be the case. The project was indeed a pleasant experience and came in exactly on our original budget.

- Dunsborough Client

This build was our third renovation and so we were well aware that the process can be unpredictable. We lived in the house while the renovations were carried out and Phil was particularly attentive to keeping us warm and dry as the autumn months approached. Phil kept us reliably informed about what would be happening next around the house and we had a good rapport with the trades who kept the site as clean and secure throughout the build.

Phil was happy to accommodate many changes we made on-the-run as the building progressed and new opportunities came to light. Phil also made suggestions for a few changes to finishes and detailing which have given a better result and will save us money on maintenance in the future. We have received detailed invoices and spreadsheets tracking the building costs throughout the project.

There are so many unknowns involved in the renovation process and we understood that subcontractors, understandably, build-in contingencies for these unknowns when asked for a fixed quote. As a result we preferred the conditions of a cost-plus contract so we only paid for work that was actually done, not what might have to be done. Knowing that the trades couldn’t get “pinched” with a fixed price if any problems popped up we could be sure we were getting their best quality work.

Phil has been very generous in that when a few easy jobs came up he allowed us to do the work ourselves. This has saved us a lot of money while costing Phil his builder’s margin.

The end result has exceeded our expectations but not our budget!

- Dunsborough Client

After we had purchased a house in old Dunsborough in 2009 it was evident that we needed to have a bunkhouse added to fully appreciate our purchase. With this in mind we contacted Phil Kelleher, who had originally built the house.

We then entered into a Cost Plus arrangement for this extension in 2011. Initially, we were somewhat apprehensive with this approach, however, our fears were quickly allayed as Phil maintained a tight control over all the costs and kept us up to date as the work progressed. We can certainly attest to Phil’s honesty and judgement in building using this approach, and his design ideas were always appreciated.

Since the addition we have had other building modifications on the house and have had no hesitation in once again using Phil as our builder. He has always been most obliging and helpful and the tradesmen he uses are competent, professional and trustworthy.

- Dunsborough Client

Choosing Phil Kelleher to build our new home in Dunsborough was an excellent decision, as every aspect of his build more than met our expectations. In summary,

Cost: Phil’s quote was spot on after excluding the variations we added during the build.

Timing: Phil provided us with a schedule prior to commencing construction and completed the job exactly to this schedule, to the week.

Planning: Phil always planned well ahead during the build so materials and tradesmen were always there when needed.Quality: We have been involved in a number of constructions over the years and the quality of Phil Kelleher Homes is second to none. Phil has gathered around him a group of sub-contractors who are highly skilled and take great pride in the quality of their work. In particular, his carpenters Dave and Lee are exceptional.

Communication: Phil was always available, either by phone, text or email. This was a critical aspect of our job because we live in Perth. He contacted us regularly to keep us up to date with progress and always contacted us with plenty of time to spare if decisions were required.

Character: Phil is honest, reliable and trustworthy. He is also friendly and has an excellent relationship with his sub-contractors as well as with us, his clients.

Attention to detail: Phil gives the appearance of being quite laid back but is in fact very focused, highly competent and is attentive to all the details. Because he understood our job so well, he was able to proactively suggest changes that improved our completed house.

We would recommend Phil to anyone requiring a new home in the Dunsborough region.

- Dunsborough Client

Phil Kelleher Homes undertook extensive renovations and extensions to our home in Yallingup from November 2012 to December 2013. Given the complexity of the project we agreed that a cost plus method would be used to invoice the works undertaken. Phil did provide an initial budget based on his best estimate of the work required. The quality of the works undertaken by Phil, his employees and contractors was nothing short of excellent. Moreover, on a number of occasions when we were either unable to be on site and/or unable to be contacted, Phil took the initiative to make decisions on our behalf and in every instance we were totally happy with the resultant outcome. During the build Phil was very consultative and on a number of occasions suggested improvements and modifications to our original plans that we had previously not considered. We received a monthly invoice summarising the work undertaken during the period which included supplier and contractor invoices that could be drilled down if necessary to gain further detail. In all our dealings Phil was very open, honest and willing to discuss any matters that arose. We are extremely happy with our home, the quality of the construction and the final finish.

- Yallingup Client

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